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About Diskin Property Research

Diskin Property Research’s (DPR’s) primary focus is litigation support for eminent domain and property tax matters.  DPR has over 20 years of experience in the field of eminent domain appraisal.  We have performed work related to road expansion projects and the acquisition of hundreds of parcels for gas transmission lines throughout the states of Florida and Arizona.  Our clients are as diverse as the type of work we do and have included homeowners, farmers, small business owners, corporations, government entities, and utility companies with condemnation authority.  Our experienced staff has provided valuation services for vacant and improved properties with uses including agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and office.


Condemnation Appraisal

Condemnation appraisal is unlike day-to-day appraisal analysis.  The analyst must consider the intricacies of the law.  At DPR, we understand the subtle differences and we have the necessary background.  We work with other experts in the field of eminent domain, such as attorneys and engineers, to ensure that the full legal interests of our clients are considered when compensation offers are made or received. 


What We Do

We work as consulting experts or expert witnesses in litigation or pre-trial negotiation.  We develop appraisals, feasibility analyses, and impact studies that often help to reduce property taxes and resolve disputes in a condemnation setting. We have provided rebuttal testimony in arbitration and have been sole experts in defending class action lawsuits.  Decades of experience have shaped our case management strategy to allow the flexibility of working directly for a property owner/client or through an attorney.

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